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KCPX Weekend Programming 


Coast to Coast AM with George Noory-

11PM-5 AM 7 days a week

Each night on Coast to Coast AM, listeners are captivated with discussions on news and current events, conspiracy theories, UFOs, life after death, and all things curious and unexplained. The most-listened-to overnight talk radio program in North America.

Good Day Health- 5-7AM 


This is appointment radio featuring up-to-the-minute medical and wellness news. In addition to tons of calls from listeners across the country, Doug and Dr. Ken present the latest medical news and information in a fun and friendly format.

Dr. Ken Kronhaus is a trained medical scientist and researcher, and is regarded as one of the preeminent cardiologists in the country.


The Revolution with Jim and Trav- 7-8 AM



The Dave Ramsey Show- 8-11 AM and 1-2 PM 




Radio Law Talk - 11AM-1PM





The Money Pit- 2-4 PM 


Join host Tom Kraeutler and co-host Leslie Segrete as they host The Money Pit.  This is a nationally syndicated home improvement show with easy to understand answers on any home improvement, decorating or repair project.  Guidance on the right products for each project.  Consumer protection advise, home safety tips, DIY andswers and how to save time and money in your home.


Western Life Radio -With host Brian Brinkerhoff-

Saturday and Sunday 4-5 PM

Join Brian for his weekend edition of Western Life Radio where the segments cover a wide range of outdoor Recreational Opportunities including Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Off Highway Vehicles, Boating, etc. Also you will hear about Self Reliance, Preparedness, Yard and Garden, Adventure Travel, Campfire Concerts, and Family Activities.  Western Life Radio is Utah's premiere outdoor radio program running more than 21 years.


The Daren Streblow Comedy Show- 5-6 PM

As the host of The Daren Streblow Comedy Show, Daren brings his family friendly style of comedy to the airwaves. His desire is to provide a weekly vacation from the stresses and pressures of life - giving a recharge through laughter. Daren offers a regular smorgasbord of laughs from some of the best comedians working today without the audience worrying that the comedian will say something profane or crude. This family centered attitude is abundant in all areas of Daren's life.


The Car Doctor- 6-7 PM    




Ron Ananian knows his craft. For over 25 years, motorists have received quality, honest work with a smile at Ron’s repair facility, R\A Automotive. "We fix everything but a broken heart," says Ron. Based in Waldwick, New Jersey, this family-owned professional service business has been named the best in the country by CARQUEST Corporation and the New Jersey Automotive Mechanical Shop of the Year.


Classic Radio Theater- 

Saturdays 7-9 PM

Classic Radio Theater features great radio programs that warmed the hearts of millions for the better part of the 20th century. Host Wyatt Cox brings the best of old radio classics back to life with the passion of a longtime (as in more than half a century) fan. We’re talking about shows like Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Suspense, Gunsmoke, Fibber McGee and Molly, X Minus One, and many more that decades later still create great entertaining theater of the mind. Classic Radio Theater is keeping America’s love affair with classic radio alive!

Fat Guys At The Movies   

9-10 PM

Kevin is the host for the Fat Guys at the Movies radio show, which is also heard on 50 stations around the country each week. Additional content from Kevin beyond the radio show comes in the form of the podcast Second Reel. Each week, Kevin also produces the Here’s the Deal weekly film reviews. In the past, Kevin also co-hosted New to Netflix, OSNAP! and The Idiot Boxers.


American Family Farmer 11-12 PM

"American Family Farmer with Doug Stephan," designed to

bring information, inspiration and a political voice to the

hard-pressed, small farmers battling the powerful interests of the mega-corporate-government-supported farm industrial complex that has been systematically squeezing them out of existence. Tune in every Saturday from 10-11 PM for the latest commentary from the same host that brings you Good Day , Doug Stephan.


Coast to Coast AM with George Noory-

11PM-5 AM 7 days a week (See Above)



Sounds of Sunday- 5-7 AM

The "Sounds of Sunday"TM is a weekly 5-hour radio program produced by Carl Watkins featuring inspirational LDS music, and stories from Glenn Rawson. The "Sounds of Sunday" airs each Sunday over a network of stations in Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Classic Radio Theater- 

Saturdays 7-9 PM/ Sundays 11AM-1PM

DR. BOB  7 AM-10 AM

News programs often need expert opinions

from doctors regarding breaking healthcare

news. Such was the case more than 15 years ago, when the NBC affiliate in Knoxville, Tennessee, WBIR, established a relationship with Dr. Overholt as their resource for expert medical advice. His willingness to accommodate the often urgent needs of reporters and his ability to translate complex medical details into understandable terms made him their “go-to guy.”

Classic Radio Theatre 10 AM-1 PM

Newly minted presentations of some of the greatest radio programs of all time, featuring some of the biggest names of the era and fondly
remembered today. Drama, comedy, mystery, and western adventure. Also featuring news of the day and sound of the newsmakers of the


Law Enforcement Today 1-3 PM






Law Enforcement Today (LET) was started by Captain Robert Greenberg as a voice for active and retired law enforcement officers, their families, and anyone who supports the men and women who protect and serve.

LET unapologetically supports those who hold the Thin Blue Line.

LET publishes the first-hand accounts of how officers have successfully faced adversity or practiced excellence in law enforcement. We also share news about the topics that impact the law enforcement community.

Beer Guys-3-4PM

Through a popular radio show, podcast, website, YouTube channel, and social media, the Beer Guys cover the exploding craft beer scene like nobody else. Each week, the Beer Guys interview professional brewers, restauranteurs, homebrewers, politicians, homebrewers, and other industry experts about craft beer.


Western Life Radio -With host Brian Brinkerhoff-4-5 PM 


Free Talk Live 5-7 PM

What's on your mind? Unlike those right-wing or left-liberal extremist shows, Free Talk Live is talk radio that ANYONE can take control of. Yes, even you. Free Talk Live is the next generation of issues-oriented talk. What is the meaning of freedom? This show is about Liberty with a capital L. Free Talk Live is an open phones panel discussion with a variety of hosts. The hosts serve as a check on each other and bring diverse viewpoints to the table, while still all being liberty-friendly. Airs from the epicenter of the liberty media capitol of the world - Keene, New Hampshire. Please check out some of the archives at the top of the page to get an idea of what this all means.  Free Talk Live is an outreach project of the Shire Free Church.

Wrap up your weekend with The Best of George Noory on Coast to Coast from 7-11 PM-  **See above**

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