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We’ve long been invested in Moab


William Andrew Peirce proposed the name “Moab” for this red rock community more than one-hundred-and-forty years ago. And, as we all now know, it became the name of this great city and he became the first postmaster.

Years later, Ralph J. Carlson, was inspired by his great Uncle Andrew and their family history and later established KCYN Canyon Country 23 years ago and later Moab Talk Radio.

Both of these strong, pioneering men are gone now — but were true founders in their day. To pay tribute to their legacies, Moab Communications is offering a free “Founders’ Advertising Campaign Grant” valued at $5,000 to benefit a locally owned, Moab business.

We know the last year has been hard on businesses, it’s been hard on us too. We care about this community and want to make a difference to a local business that has faced ongoing challenges. 

To begin applying for the Founders Grant, send your name, phone number and a current digital copy of your Moab City business license and proof of local ownership. Please include 300 words or less on why radio advertising can help your business survive through these tough times.

To apply, send your information to MoabcommunicationsLLC@gmail.com by March 5, 2021. Eligible businesses will be contacted with further details.

We look forward to continuing these proud legacies.

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